Writing Update: February 2017

Did you know this week is midterms? This week is midterms. It turns out taking 18 credit hours (including an internship and an 8-week class) is a lot harder than I expected. But I am still squeezing in the writing between study breaks, social gatherings, and Pathfinder—just barely. Geez, I’m already ready for the weekend. Anyway!

On the Argetallam Saga front, The Chalice of Malvron is now in paperback and I’m going through edits for the fourth book. Yay! The Temple of Tarkoth is set for release in May and I will be keeping you lovelies posted.

As for the Fanged series, I have written a Haddie and Fletcher prequel novella which is also set for release this summer. I am almost done with the fourth series novella which will be coming in October

Covers for all three of these 2017 releases are done and just waiting to be unveiled! Speaking of covers, I can’t get over the cover for Six of Crows.

Image may contain: text

Isn’t it pretty? Best Valentine’s Day EVER!

As for Daindreth’s Assassin, it’s out for queries this spring and I’ve already gotten some encouraging responses. We’ll see how it goes!

I’m also putting together articles for publication on political sites. I may regret this. But it’s been fun so far and I’m excited nonetheless. Really hope this doesn’t veer south.

As for the immediate future, my goals for this month are to finish preliminary edits on The Temple of Tarkoth so I can nag beta readers and get some of those articles submitted. Fun stuff!

What are you all up to? Do you have any “must read” or “must write” projects right now?

Writing Update: July 2016

Summer: when Texas gets hot as the guts of Mt. Doom and the mosquitoes are everywhere.  People become suddenly hard to get a hold of and the only good thing is it’s light out when I wake up. Regardless, the Muse has been hard at work.



You all might have noticed that The Secrets of the Vanmars has been polished and re-released with a new cover. It’s exclusive to Kindle right now, but come September will be returning to all platforms. Yay!

Otherwise, I’m trimming some body fat (aka profusive adjectives, unnecessary characters/subplots, and dialogue tags) from The Chalice of Malvron while the cover designers tweak the new face for it. Getting these damn covers made has been a saga unto itself and I’ve come to intimately understand the phrase “good help is hard to find.” But that’s a story for another time.

We did have some grand excitement last week when The Key of Amatahns hit #1 on the Amazon lists during a free promotion. Whoo-hoo! Happy reading to everyone who downloaded.


Baby’s taking over the world, folks.

Fanged Princess will also be getting some new covers in time for the third novella’s release and when that happens greatly depends on when this mess with Janir’s books clears up. Regardless, I do plan to have something to show you around October. That would be fun, right? A Halloween cover reveal party? The possibilities are endless…

Daindreth’s Assassin has been out querying to agents and I’ve gotten a message from another Pinterest follower expressing eagerness for that story. There are one or two factual things that need correcting (e.g. Amira kind of walks off a severe head wound in chapter #2), but I’m excited to see what will be happening there.

In other news, I’m moving into the dorms of Concordia University Texas this fall. No, I have no clue who my roommates will be, but I’m looking forward to a fresh start. I’m getting together my hangers and lamps and other fun stuff and putting together some quotes for the corkboard over my desk.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some search and destroy—er—search and delete to do.

Writing Update: April 2016

Writing this blog post is, in great part, a procrastination tactic for the arduous task of blurb writing. What blurb, you ask? Why, the blurb for the sparkly new, remade cover edition of The Secrets of the Vanmars. After more than a year, it is at last making its way into the world. Cue the celebratory dancing!giphy2I’ve been working on this baby covertly off and on for the past few months weeks. I just didn’t want to announce anything until I was sure I would be releasing it. But as soon as I get a workable version of the blurb, TSOTV mark 2 is off to the printers for final proofreading. The revamped cover reveal is April 22nd of this month and assaulting shelves May 24th. I am consuming semi-toxic doses of caffeine and writing like mad to make sure this happens.tumblr_nk306n7l7o1qdjpm4o1_500The third book’s re-release (and first-ever print release) should be emerging around late July (cover designer’s schedule permitting). If  everything works out with the designer and if I don’t drop the proverbial ball, I will get the fourth book out in December. (And yes, I know that’s the one you all actually want.)giphy5Daindreth’s Assassin is now officially querying to agents (yay), but the Fanged Princess novellas are on hold for the moment. I wanted to have the fourth novella at least partially drafted before I released the third, but Haddie is not being cooperative. Ideally, I’ll be releasing that third novella before the end of the year, too. (Yeah, yeah, I know you’re thinking “she said this last year.” Kindly don’t remind me.)giphy8It only seems fair to tell you the whole truth of why my writing has been so slow lately. Is this not the girl who boasted 3k quotas per day? The fact is that between my obsessive workouts, day job, school, and taking care of the clan, things have been pretty rocky. Also, I’ve been struggling for months now with some icky emotional stuff that I won’t whine about here, but that’s been a huge part of my slacking. And come fall, I will be moving out on my own for the first time (into a dorm, but still) and with that comes the impending student loans along with the realization that I’ll be 21 this year. giphy7So that’s your update. Now back to that damnable blurb and my latest Creative Writing essay…

Writing Update: January 2016

Writing Update: January 2016

Have I not posted since November? Over a month? Oh, I am a bad little blogger, me.

The Fandom is strong with my family.

The Fandom is strong with my family.

The ending of 2015 was extremely busy (what else?) filled with visiting grandparents, Japanese finals, college applications, and the premier of one highly anticipated film. In summary, my grandparents still love their nutty granddaughter (can’t say why), I passed all my classes (thank God), I have been accepted to Concordia University Texas (go Tornados), and Kylo Ren is my new baby (I regret nothing).

But writing, yes. I do have writing to talk about.

Daindreth’s Assassin has been entered in the Writer’s League of Texas Manuscript contest and is on track to begin querying agents in March. I’ve been working on this series for nearly three years now and I am so excited to be taking the next steps. Amira and Daindreth’s story has gone through such a massive evolution from what it originally started out as and I can’t wait to see how things develop.

I have a t-shirt, a certificate, and a PEN. It does not get much more official than a PEN.

I have a t-shirt, a certificate, and a PEN. It does not get much more official than a PEN.

Though, I confess, Amira and Daindreth have been my main focus lately, I have not forgotten Janir and the Argetallams.

The second book in the Argetallam Saga is even now getting a facelift and reedit, heading for the presses this spring. I have completed drafting all seven books in the series, so hopefully I will get my act together and be able to bring you the third and fourth books sometime before the next new year, right?


I feel like I’m forgetting something…

Oh, yes. The third Fanged Princess novella now has a title: Fanged Kindred. It is still marinating on my computer and I mean to get that one out soon as well. Poor Haddie has been pushed to the back burner, but I keep meaning to bring her forward. I really miss her sass.

I have high hopes for 2016 and wish you all the best in your literary and all other endeavors! Happy belated New Year!


(I shamelessly stole the Google New Year’s GIF, as you can see.)

My Year in Review: Writing in 2014

I have been tagged by the lovely Eli Hinze along with the awesome Intisar Khanani to do an update post, detailing my literary exploits of 2014. Hence, I am here to confess to twelve months of general lack of focus. This year has seen me publish absolutely nothing at all, but that does not mean I haven’t been writing. No, I have been writing a great deal.


Here we have me with a cup of Early Grey in my natural habitat, seated before a laptop.

I did some stuff with the Argetallam Saga
This year saw me complete the drafts of the fourth and fifth books in Janir’s story and begin the sixth. I have mostly finished editing on the fourth book and that should be published early next year (God and my support team willing) along with the shiny reedited editions of the first three books with pretty, sparkly new covers gorgeously designed by T.L. Shreffler.

I hope to finish drafting the sixth and seventh books in 2015 to release them sometime early 2016.

Around St. Valentine’s I sort of brain-dumped Fanged Princess

The first draft of Fanged Princess 3 was completed *coughcough* January of this year. So why haven’t you gotten it yet? A very good question. An excellent question, in fact. The truth is, it’s not ready. I was distracted with drafting the fifth Argetallam book and then I got distracted with what has been become my guilty side project since spring 2013.

BoWD-E1IQAIe43f.jpg large

My favorite mug joining me in my favorite spot (yes, in front of my laptop).

Daindreth’s Assassin is my current vice

I have had a lot of readers tell me they’re excited for this series and asking if it’s published yet, which translates to a lot of pressure since I’m not planning to unveil it until summer 2016.

Writing the first book in this series was my 18th birthday present to myself. I worked on it off and on through the autumn, exploring the characters and the storyline and all of a sudden, everything clicked. I had the plot, the premise, the ending, all of it worked out.

Next thing you know, I’ve completed most the editing on book 1 with ginormous drafts of books 2 and 3 with book 4 more than halfway finished. When I say “ginormous,” I mean that the shortest book caps it off at well over 132,000 words (500-ish pages) and the longest is more like 260,000 words (900-ish pages).

There’s still lots of editing to do on those books (I mean LOTS), plus I’ve been reediting the first three Argetallam books. In other words, I am swamped. I’ve given myself a whole bunch of stuff to get done before I go back to school on January 20th and it’s freaking me out just thinking about it.


The forecast for 2015?

With a study abroad trip planned for next summer and a full course load at school, it’s anyone’s guess as to what’s actually going to happen. I just know that right now I’m planning to release the first four Argetallam books in the first four months of the year and the third Fanged Princess novella at some point in the summer.

As you can see, despite my lack of publication this year, I have by no means abandoned storytelling, quite the opposite. You people have got a tsunami of Elisabeth’s books headed your way. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a whole bunch of drafting/editing/screaming/panicking to get done.

Writing Update: December 2014

Hello, lovelies. Never fear, I did not trip and break my neck falling down the rabbit hole.


It’s finals this week and that means 41 days of freedom until the start of the spring semester, which I plan to waste on writing, reading, blogging, and other gloriously epic activities. I actually have some very exciting news for you, starting with the Daindreth’s Assassin series.

DA media cover

I’m about 107k words into the fourth novel and after feedback from a very awesome beta reader, I have begun editing the first book. However, I am finding her emphatic advice, that I trim the word count down below 100k, to be very difficult to achieve. I mean, there’s just so much to the story and I’m finding more things that need explanation and showing not telling and…well, that story is planned for summer 2016.

Why so far ahead, you ask? Because I have five books planned for release next year. You read that right—FIVE. The first three books in the Argetallam Saga will be making a big splash starting in January with one coming each month, building up to The Temple of Tarkoth in April (God and my support team willing). The first three books will be re-released with reediting and they will all have shiny new covers designed by the brilliant and multitalented T.L. Shreffler.

And because I love you all, here’s a teaser for the new cover of The Key of Amatahns!

TKOA cover teaser

Pretty, yes? Yes?

I am wrapping up some polishing on The Key of Amatahns right now while starting on The Secrets of the Vanmars, making lots of little tweaks and getting very excited for the big reveal in January!

The third book in the Fanged Princess series, currently titled Fanged Rebel, is set for a May 2015 release and in case you didn’t know, the first book is forever free on all eBook retailers. 😀

Fanged Princess free version cover-02

So go download, mark your calendars, and get ready, because there’s a whole lot of Haddie and Janir headed your way!

Work in Progress (WIP) Blog Hop ~ bringing you a glimpse into a story you probably won’t get until 2016

Holy crap, I haven’t posted in over a month. I had no idea it had been that long, but hey, I’m a full-time student now, that’s my excuse.

I was tagged by the lovely Jadie Jones for the WIP Blog Hop because she is awesome. (Read my review of her books Moonlit and Windswept, they were both 5-stars!)

Here are the rules of the hop: Provide a link back to the person who nominated you, write a little bit about your WIP, and give the first few sentences of the first three chapters. Then nominate a few more writers to do the same.

And we’re off!


My WIP currently in editing is called Daindreth’s Assassin. I’m technically working on the third book in the series while the first is with a beta reader, but since the first isn’t even published, I’m going with the one that started this mess.

Daindreth’s Assassin is what I like to describe as an Epic Fantasy Romance. The basic plot is a killer for hire falls for the prince she was paid to murder. Over the course of the story, she finds herself the only one who can save him from a demon coming to possess him.

I am madly and irrevocably in love with this story and am already planning a spin off series that will take place about one thousand years after this one’s timeline ends. The first two books are drafted and I just finished up the third—which currently has a word count of about 260k. (So, yes, these are very fat books. I did say epic, right?)

Here are the opening lines of the first three chapters of Daindreth’s Assassin. This is only the second/third-ish draft, so be nice. These opening lines also don’t give nearly as much action as the rest of the book. Something to take into account for editing, perhaps.

Chapter One: The stench of fish, sweat, and filth weighted the air like smog.

Chapter Two: Amira made her way across the rain soaked streets of Cadrene, her boots fully splattered with mud by the time she reached the warehouse district.

Chapter Three: It took nearly a week’s hard riding to reach the outskirts of the fiefdom.

Hope you liked it! Check out my Daindreth’s Assassin Pinterest board for a better idea of what the story’s about. 🙂

I am tagging Intisar Khanani, Eli Hinze, Kaitlyn Deann, M.A. Bronson, and Melissa Sasina. Tell us about your WIP’s, ladies!