Fanged: A Novella Series

Fanged (Fanged, #1)  

Fanged Girl 005

Family dating rules were pretty clear—no humans. But the undead heart wants what it wants and Haddie’s high school boyfriend ended up dead because of it. Now her brother Damian is repeating history and the same fate’s lined up for a very non-vampire, Madelyn.

With the girl’s throat on the line, they don’t have many options. Soon all three of them are on the run. Hunted across country by dear old dad’s enforcers, they’ll need help from the humans who hate them most. Assuming they all live that long.

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Fanged Outcast (Fanged, #2)

Fanged Outcast 001

Living with a family of Huntsmen is a bit awkward, but it beats the alternative. Especially considering the vampire king’s enforcers have a standing “stake on sight” order for Haddie. It isn’t a permanent solution, but after hiding out with the Faulkners for a few weeks, Haddie’s biggest problem is grocery shopping with Madelyn.

When a surprise attack ends their reprieve, Haddie’s not so sure their dad is the only one after them. With reluctant new friends and mysterious new enemies, it’s set to be a battle over Damian and the human girl who stole his heart.

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Fanged Kindred(Fanged, #3)

Fanged Kindred 001

With her brother kidnapped, at least Haddie and her inconveniently unliving mother want the same thing—sort of. Even with it clear that Madelyn and the Huntsmen are fair game, Haddie needs all the help she can get. Now hunted by her father, the human authorities, and possibly whoever took Damian, it’s not exactly a time to be picky.

Forming an uneasy partnership, Haddie is quickly dragged from the vampire dominion into the werewolf territories where Damian has been taken. With the Huntsmen out of reach and even her father’s enforcers too scared to follow, it’s setting a new precedent for risky plans. Between age-old blood feuds and questionable allies, it looks like Haddie will get to prove just how much she’d risk for family.

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Fanged Rebel (Fanged, #4)

Coming 2017


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