Top Ten Most Hardcore Dads in Sci-Fi/Fantasy


In honor of Father’s Day, I couldn’t decide whether to do a best or worst top ten of dads in SF/F. Ergo, we’re just listing the toughest. Make everybody happy, right? Okay, in no particular order, here we go!

1. John Carter

The wholly underrated film starring Taylor Kitsch bears little resemblance to the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels. However, this guy is basically Superman on Mars if Superman were an ex-Civil War captain who married a Martian princess.

No pressure to their kids, though. Totally no pressure.

2. Achilles

Did you know Achilles had a kid? Achilles had a kid. Despite being an absentee father, this beserking demigod is about as hardcore as they come.

3. Kelsier

While technically there was no formal adoption, Kelsier is a fantastic dad to Vin in Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn. He’s also a magic ninja who can manipulate magnetic fields (among other things). He’s freaking badass.

4. Darth Vader

While revealing your kinship to your son right after chopping his hand off may not qualify for Father of the Year, Darth Vader is hardcore. No denying that. Sick saber skills and a dry wit to make grown men weep, it’s no wonder he landed on this list.

5. Elrond

This guy was just a bit scary. I mean, the LOTR movies showed a little of his martial prowess and they were not exaggerating.

6. John Winchester

Second only to Vader for the “Crappiest Dad” award, John Winchester of Supernatural is no less terrifying. Also crazy. I mean, who else hunts monsters full time with two kids?

7. Morghiad

“My dad can beat up your dad and even if he can’t, my dad will be reincarnated and beat up your dad in 20-ish years.” I kind of wonder if H.O. Charles is ever going to let that conversation happen in the Fireblade Array. It would be hilarious.

8. Doctor Who

Though we don’t get to see much of his kids and some of them died, this British sci-fi hero periodically destroys/saves the universe. It’s gotten to be a hobby at this point.

9. Vladimir Dracul

Dracula Untold might not have been a blockbuster, but it has shirtless Luke Evans as a loving vampire dad and I will watch the movies I want, damn it!

10. Harry Dresden

I don’t know how else to explain this, except that Jim Butcher’s creation is a BAMF. A total, sassy BAMF. We cannot advance beyond this level of hardcore. Everyone can go home now.

Tell me your favorite hardcore dads from SF/F!

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