Lesser-Known Writers I Love

As a regular reader of indie books, it’s not uncommon for me to fangirl over writers no one I know has ever heard of. Nonetheless, this week I’d like to brag about a few whom I especially adore. So read on for my fangirling and click on the names for their Goodreads bibliographies or websites (depending on what they have).


It may be odd to start with an author I have never read. This lady was the daughter of the Akkadian king, Sargon I, and the first credited author in recorded history. Living several thousand years ago, I think of her every time I’m watching Downton Abbey and there’s a debate about whether women should be writers.

(Spoiler: They should. Men, too. Seriously, everyone.)

John Marco

I have written one fan letter in my life and it was to this guy. He is amazing. He is underrated. Specializing in military epic fantasy, I enjoy the way he explores both the human and strategic aspects of warfare against the backdrop of wildly imaginative worlds. DID I MENTION HE IS AMAZING?!?!?!

His Tyrants and Kings series dropped into my life right when I was going through some rough stuff later in my parents’ divorce. That trilogy really helped me. I mean, my life was miserable, but at least I didn’t have a semi-immortal druggie with uncomfortably likable assassins out to kill me and my family, right?

Lloyd Alexander

Who says Fantasy books have to be long to be epic? The Prydain Chronicles, based on Welsh mythology, are an imaginative, thrilling quintet and none of the books exceed 250 pages. Disney actually adapted the first book into an animated film, but it didn’t do so great. Nonetheless, the books are great, nay—AWESOME.

Kaitlyn Deann

I have had the honor to know this young lady personally through the magic of the interweb. Her debut novel was far better than my original effort, though we are about the same age. I am continually blown away by the depth and breadth of her stories and I am honored to know her.

Intisar Khanani

The very first eBook I read in entirety was Thorn by this resplendent, brilliant wordsmith. It was she who proved to me that diversity could be written well. Her stories are action-packed, whimsically inventive, but at the same time advocate a value for life that makes me want to hug her to bits.

If someone ever tries to say self-published books aren’t good, I shall pelt them with her entire bibliography.

Tad Williams

This guy’s Shadowmarch quadrilogy holds a special place for me. It was with me through those first few months after my dad filed for divorce. Mr. Williams is high on my list of “must meet someday” and I’m looking forward to reading his backlist.

(When I saw he also left a sparkly review for one of John Marco’s books, I went into Fangirl Overdrive.)

Gerald Morris

This gentleman wrote a series of twelve middle-grade novels, each tackling a different Arthurian myth. Have you ever heard of the dung-cart knight? The damsel and the dwarf? Sir Owain and the lioness? Neither had I, but The Squire’s Tales educated me in the most sarcastic, humorous, enjoyable way possible.

I read all twelve books out loud to my brothers and it was a wonderful family bonding experience. (Also with a special place in my heart.)

Who are some of your favorite less-known writers? Ones that no one—not even your bookish friends—has heard of? What’s your favorite thing about them? Tell me in the comments!


  1. Literally NO ONE knows Geraldine McCaughrean and it’s so sad because she is so talented and the one book of hers that I’ve read is amazing!! She’s such a good author and definitely worth checking out 🙂
    Simi ~ simizat.wordpress.com
    Simi recently posted…A snippety of wolvesMy Profile

  2. I love this!! I only hope that one day my work can make it on your list XD IF I EVER OFFICIALLY PUBLISH ANYTHING, THAT IS. Omg I’M SO BAD. But I think that we are so focused on the mainstream books that everyone else is reading that we are scared to branch out and discover new things we like on our own!
    P.S. SORRY I’M SO LATE TO THIS. My Queenly Duties got in the way of me being actively active SO I KNOW THIS IS A LATE COMMENT HA.
    Also, I NOMINATED YOUUUU for the Sunshine Blogger Award so you can do that if you want! Or not! TOTALLY UP TO YOU 😀
    Esther @ Queen of Fantasy recently posted…Sunshine Blogger Award (BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW I’M NOTHING BUT SUNSHINE)My Profile

    1. Haha…hopefully you won’t be “lesser-known.” 😉 As for how late you are, I’m three weeks behind on comments, LOL. No judgement here!

    1. Hey, I’m new to this comment! 🙂 Gerald Morris IS SO AMAZING OH MY GOSH. THE SNARK IS SO STRONG. YOU MUST READ THIS YES. Oh yes.

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